Welcome to Barcelona

I arrived at the airport in Barcelona feeling refreshed. My mom hooked me up with some decent earplugs and some sleeping pills for the flight. I also had a free seat next to me, which is always a bonus! With my sleep mask, travel pillow, earplugs, and some sleeping pills, I got a decent night's rest and didn't have to deal with any jetlag. This is one of the reasons I love to take red eyes, because if you do it right (and get a little lucky... I need a window seat to sleep at all), you're ready to take on the day straight off the plane. Here's a short video of the bus ride:

I saw a scooter rental shop on the way that piqued my interest. I've always imagined that riding around on a scooter in a foreign city would be an excellent way to take in the sights without destroying your feet too much. While I love public transit and learning the public transit systems in a new city, the metro is often underground and you don't get to see anything interesting as you're getting from place to place. It can also be quite disorienting coming out of the metro and not knowing which way is which. I haven't yet rented a scooter, but maybe I'll try it for one of my last days here.