Social Media

What people don't seem to understand is that social media is merely a projection of one's persona. It may not accurately refllect one's true thoughts, feelings, and identity.

More importantly it's merely a snapshot in time; one fleeting moment, one representation of the image that you believe suits you that particular day. 

Some days lately I feel like the king of the world, and others I feel like the scum of the Earth.  My mind grows weary being cautious to the sensitivity of others: both in person and on social media; although it seems much easier in person.

When did everyone get so sensitive? When did everyone start calling a man a sexist simply for stating that maybe feminism has gone a little bit too far. I'm all for equality but when parties start hating each other merely for their gender: there's a problem. I think any self-proclaimed feminist should believe in that.

You know who you are, those who believe for some reason that I don't respect you, for whatever reason you may hold. I'm not trying to single any one out, because I know there's more than one out there. If you believe I lack respect for you, let's have a reasonable conversation about what in my behavior makes you feel that way. Could it possibly be your own reaction and interpretations that are causing your discomfort?

We're getting kind of Foucauldian up in here. Stay with me. Seriously, I have the utmost respect for every human being, except the truly deplorable ones. I don't know how even the Buddha could excuse the actions of hateful people: Hitler, Trump, Hannity, Manson, to name a few in the same breath.

Perhaps it's people themselves you must forgive, not necessarily their actions. "Forgive them, for they know not what they do." I might be paraphrasing.