Programmers Wanted

I don't know how to process things without writing them out. Maybe it's a blessing, but it feels more like a curse at times. Of course I'm grateful for my writing ability, and I'm grateful for the amazing teachers I've had along the way. Shoutout to the first person who got me to write anything of significance to myself: Jeff House at Georgiana Bruce Kirby, circa 2004. I wrote a poem about walking around downtown Santa Cruz, on Pacific Avenue.

Our school had off-campus lunch, so I was able to get into all kinds of trouble. I was mostly a good kid, apart from the occasional theft of gin from my parents' liquor cabinet (sorry Mom... Dad, you're probably proud!) Additionally, there was the incident where a classmate stole about $10,000 (or something) from her dad's safe and distributed it to her classmates in exchange for attention and popularity (sorry, I know, we were all dumb kids).

That was before Instagram. Before Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, Panopticon. Before we were all addicted to "like, follow, and subscribe!" (please)

I'm not claiming that I'm any different. I was brought up in this fucked up, backwards culture just like the rest of my peers. A friend of mine asked me the other day,

"Zach, do you understand how privileged you are?"

I answered her immediately, "Yes, that's why I'm giving away all this stuff! Because I don't need it." I had been in the process of gifting her an external battery I bought in a Metro station in Spain. I've since upgraded to a kick-ass Anker battery that I love and will charge my phone many times more than the little trinket I was giving away.

So I guess I'm not as generous as Jesus, but who the hell is, anyway?

I can't wait to get some funding. I hope my lawyer comes through with those contracts and copyrights soon so that I can get to hiring programmers. I'm pretty certain on the company I want to build it; I've worked with them briefly in the past. Maybe I'll call in the morning and pitch them the idea; I'm pretty sure my copyright is good. And my NDA seems legit.

Let me know if you've got any programmers, graphic designers, financial advisors, or administrative assistants looking for side work. Feel free to message me on Facebook, I do my best to respond eventually.