Self Reliance

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you'll know that I was looking for a gym buddy today. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find one, but I found some buddies and made some gym time. After chilling with Tony Guapkins, I swung by Pacific Edge in Santa Cruz. My membership is currently frozen, because I can't afford the fees (buy some shirts please!), but the owner(?) there hooked me up with 15 minutes in the weight room for free.

So I quickly rearranged their weights, and set up the squat rack to my height. I cranked a couple of sets out (is this a workout blog, bro?) and laid out a bar for deadlifts. After hastily throwing a couple of weights on either side (my back is weak tho), I smashed out five reps. Ouch. Done.

I don't think I pulled anything, but that was probably too much weight, homie.

I cleaned up my weights, skipped the last set of squats (if you count the warmups, I was done...), and strode out to the front desk. Ran into a climbing buddy there and chatted her up a bit. Stretched, went for a Warrior 1-->Triangle-->Bind, which I recently discovered I could do and FEELS AMAZING.

Now I'm waiting for another friend to finish up work. Anyway, this post is about getting shit done even when it's not going your way. I'm sure you can read that in.